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When The Best Part of Me Was Always You | X-Factor 2010 | Liam/Louis, Harry/Niall | PG-15 | ~15,350 words | They walk back to the bus in silence, the only sound between them the low hum of their connection. Liam wonders when it became so easy to manage, when they started to be able to filter each other’s thoughts enough so that only the important things got through. It’s been a long time, Liam thinks, since the bond appeared, and he’s just sort of accepted the fact it was there. It’s just part of his life now, and Liam thinks that that’s maybe the way it’s always going to be.

Big THANK-YOU to [ profile] twist204 and my friend Donya for Beta-ing this. You guys are rockstars!

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 Title: this time around
Author: [ profile] caddyeverafter7 
Rating: PG15
Verse: Game AU
Characters: Green+Leaf+Red, mentions of other characters
Summary: Every time Green is sent to another life he never finds what he's looking for.
Notes: Warning for drugs and alcohol use.  This is pretty much a college AU of everyone but focuses on the Kanto trio.  There's no one from Gen V though because I'm not familiar with that region.

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 So I decided to get my butt in gear and do the [ profile] pokeprompts challenge.  

Title: Freedom Sends Things Out of Sight
Author: [ profile] caddyeverafter7 
Rating: T - pg15
Verse: Games, Gen III
Characters: Leaf, Green (Falkner's mentioned once)
Summary: Leaf and Green's rough and tumble adventures together.  Warning:  implied, suggestive, locking just in case, mild cussing.  Yeah.  This is about as extreme as it gets for me.

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