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Total Fics Posted: 6 and a chapter.

Total Words Posted: 42,931

Total Words (of Anything Excluding Blogs) Written: This is not including school assignments and what nnot because I'm far too lazy to dig out all of those on my computer, but all my fic stuff comes to a total of 50,503.

My favourite story this year: Probably Percy Jackson, The Olympian or Ho Hey. I'm really pleased with the characterizations I had going for PJO and just the flow and the style made me really pleased. And I like the verse that I wrote Ho Hey in. That was fun.

My best story this year: I'm going to go with Percy Jackson, The Olympian again. Everything about that fic just felt really good and I got some nice, positive feedback on it which made me feel pretty happy with it.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I feel like nothing was underappreciated, per say. If there aren't a lot of comments or what not, there's a reason. Maybe my Big Bang, When The Best part of Me Was Always You? I mean, it has a lot of kudos or whatever but it didn't get a ton of comments. But none of my stuff ever does, really.

Sexiest Story: Probably my Big Bang again. I mean, there isn't any sex in it, but it was still a lot more mature than I'm used to writing, I think.

Most fun story: Can I use a WIP? I'm co-writing a Liam/Harry roadtrip fic that's currently on hold. Anyway, I'm writing it with [ profile] thirteen_inches and the time we spent on it in the summer was super fun. Out of published stories, I guess Percy Jackson, The Olympian because I wrote that at like, four in the morning.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: I think maybe the stuff in When The Best Part of Me Was Always You. I cut some stuff from it that I didn't feel comfortable with but just some of the mind meld scenes were weird, looking back on it. Or stuff from led by light of a star. That just got heavy and I don't even nknow what~

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Percy Jackson, The Olympian, When The Best Part of Me Was Always You, led by light of a star, and Ho Hey come to mind. I feel like my views on Nico changed a lot because of PJO; I used to not really like him as a character too much but now I'm excited to write more Percy/Nico stuff. And Ho Hey led me to the character Pollux, whom I've never really looked at before.

Hardest Story to Write: When The Best Part of Me Was Always You for the length of it and led by light of a star because it was really angsty and difficult? Even Percy Jackson, The Olympian was hard because I had to do a lot of research on diving and whatnot and I just wanted to have that fic done.

Biggest Surprise: Getting to work with Sonata, who is probably one of my favourite authors in any fandom. And becoming better friends with her. And getting such a good response on Percy Jackson, The Olympian from [ profile] finkpishnets , whom I also love and who the story was written for. That was surprising.

Resolutions for 2013: Do a better job on my Secret Santas, lol. And write more fics? Or more better quality ones? Or something. I don't know. Something like that, lol. 
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Percy Jackson, The Olympian | Percy Jackson & The Olympians | Percy/Nico, Percy/Tom Daley | ~6,300 | For [ profile] finkpishnets' prompt over at Citius, Altius, Fortius: percy is a diver and nico, well, no one knows exactly what nico does. | The majority of this story was written between the hours of three and eight in the morning with the equestrian team jumping in the background. I tried to be true to diving and swimming stuff but the Internet only helps you so much, so, sorry if there are any inaccuracies. Also, in this story, Olympic diver Thomas Finchum doesn't exist (Percy replaces him).

Lame title is lame. )

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When The Best Part of Me Was Always You | X-Factor 2010 | Liam/Louis, Harry/Niall | PG-15 | ~15,350 words | They walk back to the bus in silence, the only sound between them the low hum of their connection. Liam wonders when it became so easy to manage, when they started to be able to filter each other’s thoughts enough so that only the important things got through. It’s been a long time, Liam thinks, since the bond appeared, and he’s just sort of accepted the fact it was there. It’s just part of his life now, and Liam thinks that that’s maybe the way it’s always going to be.

Big THANK-YOU to [ profile] twist204 and my friend Donya for Beta-ing this. You guys are rockstars!

Read more... )
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So this has been sitting as a pinned tab on my laptop for a while now so I thought I should do it and clear out some of the stuff on Chrome.  This is a writing meme that I'm stealing from [ profile] lark :)

If you had to delete all but five of your stories, which five would you keep and why? (Or ten if you're more prolific.)
  1. the line (Beyblade) because it's the most recent Max and Mariam one shot that I've written and I actually quite like it.  I enjoy the style that I wrote it in and the flow and the characterizations, mostly because it's such an improvement to what I've written for them in the past.
  2. Your Love is the Highest (Pokemon) because I really liked what I did with this story.  I think it's the first one I wrote in present tense and I wrote it for last year's Poke Prompts Fic Exchange and the recipient was really pleased with it, which makes me quite happy.  It's actually the only story on my FF that doesn't have a review, but I don't mind.  I liked this fic a lot.
  3. The Maybes of Yesteryear (School of Rock) because I liked my formatting for this story and the way I made comparisons between Summer, Freddy and Zach.  I like the way it sort of fell into place and displayed their relationship.
  4. Float Like a Cadillac (Maximum Ride) because I had a lot of fun thinking of the cars that the Flock would be and then relating them to their personalities.  I think it was a bit of an odd story and I'm not even sure where the idea for it came from, but I think the writing I did in it was pretty good.
  5. If The Skin Fits (Pokemon) because the prompt for this story was so good and I really like what I did with it.  I think there's lots to improve on, but I still quite like the story and the relationship I portrayed between Barry and Dawn.

What disappointed you the most about your last story?

Technically speaking, the last story I wrote was actually my NaNoWriMo novel.  I'm disappointed with the fact that it's not done yet and also because about halfway through, people started asking to read it and I was like, "I don't know because it's me complaining about my life and people in it and I don't know if you'll be offended."

Besides that, the last story I wrote was the line.  I think the part that disappointed me the most was the scene where Mariam was battling people in the alley.  It was sort of a transitional part of the story and I'm not extremely happy with it.  I think it wasn't as smooth as I had wanted it to be, with Mariam asking questions about lines and stuff.  Looking at it now, it's a little weird.

Pick a passage you're especially proud of. Ideally it'd be one of the best passages you think you've ever written.

Okay.  I had to think about it and I don't know if it's the best one I've ever written, but I am proud of this passage from Your Love is the Highest:

Barry is as free a bird as she is, and to clip his wings, confine him to that lonely room in the heavens, burns her from the inside out.

But it's burning her anyway.

They eat in silence for a moment, the sounds of the kitchen far behind them, as if through a wall of water. She thinks she's going to explode, so she throws it out in the open, gets it off her chest.

"Do you want to be the champion?"

He keeps eating like he hasn't heard her, but she knows he has by the way his eyes darken.

"Not anymore," he replies. "Why?"

"Because I don't want to be the champion either," she says, noting the somewhat hysterical tone in her own voice.

He is quiet for a moment, weighing his answer carefully before he replies. "I don't want that life, Dawn, for the same reason that you don't want it."

"I can't lose to just anyone. The whole of Sinnoh knows you're a skilled trainer, Barry. If I lose to you, they'll accept it."

He stands so abruptly that his chair falls over and people stare. "And what about me after?" he asks, anger flashing red hot in his eyes. "What about my reputation? As soon as I become champion, I'll just want to throw it away again. The world will see me as a joke, someone who just got lucky."

She feels the shame burn in the pit of her stomach, knows that drawing this card could hurt their friendship and rip them like the seam of a pant, stitch by stitch.

"If you really cared, Barry, you'd do it anyway," she answers softly.

Now tear it apart.

I wish I had been able to add more descriptions into this part, like maybe more about Barry's facial expressions and how Dawn can see him hurting because she's forcing this upon him because her love/lust for Volkner is more important to her than the love/friendship between her and Barry.  I also don't like the wording I used when describing them falling apart.  It would have sounded better if I had just written, "... rip them apart at the seam, stitch by stitch."

What's a favorite story by someone else? How would you describe the style, narrative technique, etc (whatever you want to say about it)?

Oh God.  I can only pick one?

Well, I think if I had to pick, my all time favourite fic of any fandom that I have ever read is Molasses by[ profile] paperclipbitch.  It's a tear-inducing one shot for The X-Factor UK 2010 fandom with all my favourite pairings and just, ugh.  I mean, I don't even ship Maiden (Matt Cardle and Aiden Grimshaw) very hard, but this story is just so precious.  Let me break it down a bit:
  • any story that's written in present tense is gold in my opinion.  I'm not sure why I prefer it so much over present tense, but I take every opportunity to use it now, mostly because I read all of paperclip's stories and they're all so flawlessly written this way
  • it has a bit of foreshadowing in it.  I mean, literally, but also, it doesn't really explain about the power that some of the characters hold until a little later in the story, which makes the first part a little confusing, but also very intriguing as well
  • the sort of blunt way she describes Louis the first time he appears is kind of beautiful.  It tells none of the standard things about his appearance but it just has these little details, like the things you'd only notice about a best friend because you see them so often and would notice those kinds of things
  • on the note of details, paperclip wrote, "...Louis says, pulling at a loose thread in his scarf. The whole thing will unravel in three and a half weeks."  I mean, who thinks of writing that?  Just, you know, casually, this scarf is going to unravel in three and a half weeks.  

I would go on about more things I like, but it's a lot of just all the stuff I mentioned above and this subtle characterization that is wonderful and ugh.  Lovely.  Just so, so, lovely.  The dialogue is also quite banter-ish (is that a word?  Now it is) and I could read this story over and over again and never get tired of it.

If you could choose to emulate one fic writer, who would it be and why?

I think it would depend on certain fandoms.  I'd emulate [ profile] redwheeler for the Beyblade fandom just because her characterization is so spot on all the time and the conversations she writes between Max and Mariam are so realistic they might as well be canon.  And [ profile] paperclipbitch, [ profile] finkpishnets, [ profile] misprinting and [ profile] sparkbysparkfor The X-Factor UK 2010 fandom because the 1D's they write are just so precious I'd almost rather have them then the real people.  And[ profile] lark and [ profile] ibuberuand [ profile] chrysafor Pokemon.  There's no real overall person even.  It would just be an awesome combination of everyone I just mentioned.

How do you feel when or after reading something really good? Be honest.

This sounds really embarrassing, actually, but that feeling you get right before you get on stage for something or you have to present in front of people; the one where all the butterflies are flying in your stomach and your heart is pounding somewhere between your throat and where it should actually be beating?  Yeah, that's the feeling I get.  Really good fics make me so happy and content (or appropriately depressed if that's the kind of story it is) that I just get ... I get the weirdest feeling.  A good feeling, but weird nonetheless.

Pick an introduction to one of your stories and rewrite it as if it were not fanfiction but just plain fiction, ie. don't presume that the reader knows anything about the characters.

I actually had a really hard time finding an introduction to rewrite.  I picked a story I wrote a really long time ago when I was on a Sonny With a Chance kick.  I don't like this story very much, so I decided now was my opportunity to rewrite the beginning.  So yeah.  This is a new beginning for Reading:

"If Chad had been paying attention to where he was going, he wouldn't be in this mess right now.

The kitchen table in his Los Angeles home was littered in photographs, each one signed with a swooping autograph and lots of little x's and o's in the corner.  They were being ignored in favour of the crook of Chad's arm where his head was currently buried.  Across from the movie star sat his sister, a young lady of eighteen with chocolate brown hair and steely grey eyes.  She spooned a third scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream into her mouth and said, “So tell me what happened," Maggie said between bites of ice cream. "I didn't answer your emergency call just so I could get fat over your frozen treats."”

I think this was a bit easy to write because half of the intro was about an original character that I made up for the purpose of the story.

What are five of your favorite words?

Any form of narcissism.  I love the origin and the the meaning and it’s just … it’s a great word.  I love using it.
Thick.  My friend Kolby pointed out to me that it’s one of the only words that sounds like it looks.  Just say it.  THICK.  Ah.  Just sounds great.
Magic.  This might be my inner Harry Potter geek calling, but magic is just such an awesome word.  It’s like being set free because with magic, it’s like you can do anything.  Like there are no limitations.
Zeal.  I just looked this one up, but I like words that start with odd letters because there aren’t too many of them.  And zeal is such an awesome synonym for intensity.
I apologize already for the vulgarity, but seriously shit is one of my favourite words, mostly because it’s so versatile.  I mean, you can use it for almost anything.  Noun, verb, adjective.  It can do it all.

Bonus: refrain from using any of those words in the next story you write.

I think I can manage that, except it might be hard to keep thick and shit out.  Depends on how much swearing I want to put in my Secret Santa fics.

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 So I decided to join the Max and Mariam contest over at simply because they are my pairing of the decade (Arthur and Morgana are my pairing of a lifetime as they seem to be going on for the past several centuries ^^ Expect a OneShot about them sometime in the distant future). Anyway, I'm so excited to start writing something for them again. It feels like it's been way too long, and seeing as there's a bit of a prompt, I won't have to think up the entire plot on my own. Of  course, discovering a way for them to get together is always tough, but I'll figure it out in the end.

By the way, if you want to check out the contest just follow this link.

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 So I've finally signed up for LiveJournal... but I seem to lose interest in a lot of things really quickly. This time I am determined to stay on LiveJournal for at least a year. July 4th, 2010 will be the day when I can finally leave, if I want to that is.

So I guess I should write something a bit more interesting here.

My plans for LiveJournal are to put up some of my Fanfictions that don't fit into any catagories on and just to post up some of my existing stories that are recieving a lot of feedback (so far, that's hardly any). My goals for the month are:

-To post a OneShot for the Screech Owls. 
-To write for Merlin BBC (That goes for as well)
-Finish my Charlie Bone chapter story
-And write another OneShot for Max and Mariam, of Beyblade

Do you get the idea of what I write and what I'm interested yet? I hope so. Here are some goals for my year here.

-To get fifty reviews for one story/OneShot
-To get one hundred reviews for one story/OneShot

These lists will probably be updated once I start writing, but that might take me a while. I plan on posting my latest Max and Mariam OneShot shortly and we'll see what kind of feedback I get. Maybe I'm writing to an empty paper at the moment. Who knows? 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by if anyone is actually reading this.


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