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 A little late, but here is the June edition of my scrapbook!

Scrapbook 2012 - June Edition

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 I apologize for this being late, but better late than never, right?

Scrapbook 2012 - May Edition
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Scrapbook 2012 - April Edition
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I apologize for this being a little late. Life just got a little busy, but I do have the time to do this now. Huzzah!

Scrapbook 2012 - March Edition

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I can't believe the month is gone already. I mean, the whole of January. Whoosh. See ya, saiyonara, adios. Gone. And that means it's time to round up everything I've done this month and shove it into an edition. This time, with a bit more of in depth explanations for some of my recs. So, enjoy :)

Scrapbook 2012 - February Edition

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So I've decided to do a scrapbook of 2012 on Dreamwidth this year and I also decided to do sort of monthly editions as well. Despite the fact that the title is January, this is really mostly stuff that I've enjoyed over the past month and two days and that hopefully you can enjoy all of this month. The idea is from [personal profile] aimmyarrowshigh who always does great ... well, I was going to say scrapbooks but really, she just does everything great. Haha.
Scrapbook 2012 - January Edition

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 Scrapbook of 2012

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