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 So I've finally signed up for LiveJournal... but I seem to lose interest in a lot of things really quickly. This time I am determined to stay on LiveJournal for at least a year. July 4th, 2010 will be the day when I can finally leave, if I want to that is.

So I guess I should write something a bit more interesting here.

My plans for LiveJournal are to put up some of my Fanfictions that don't fit into any catagories on and just to post up some of my existing stories that are recieving a lot of feedback (so far, that's hardly any). My goals for the month are:

-To post a OneShot for the Screech Owls. 
-To write for Merlin BBC (That goes for as well)
-Finish my Charlie Bone chapter story
-And write another OneShot for Max and Mariam, of Beyblade

Do you get the idea of what I write and what I'm interested yet? I hope so. Here are some goals for my year here.

-To get fifty reviews for one story/OneShot
-To get one hundred reviews for one story/OneShot

These lists will probably be updated once I start writing, but that might take me a while. I plan on posting my latest Max and Mariam OneShot shortly and we'll see what kind of feedback I get. Maybe I'm writing to an empty paper at the moment. Who knows? 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by if anyone is actually reading this.


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