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Percy Jackson, The Olympian | Percy Jackson & The Olympians | Percy/Nico, Percy/Tom Daley | ~6,300 | For [ profile] finkpishnets' prompt over at Citius, Altius, Fortius: percy is a diver and nico, well, no one knows exactly what nico does. | The majority of this story was written between the hours of three and eight in the morning with the equestrian team jumping in the background. I tried to be true to diving and swimming stuff but the Internet only helps you so much, so, sorry if there are any inaccuracies. Also, in this story, Olympic diver Thomas Finchum doesn't exist (Percy replaces him).

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When The Best Part of Me Was Always You | X-Factor 2010 | Liam/Louis, Harry/Niall | PG-15 | ~15,350 words | They walk back to the bus in silence, the only sound between them the low hum of their connection. Liam wonders when it became so easy to manage, when they started to be able to filter each other’s thoughts enough so that only the important things got through. It’s been a long time, Liam thinks, since the bond appeared, and he’s just sort of accepted the fact it was there. It’s just part of his life now, and Liam thinks that that’s maybe the way it’s always going to be.

Big THANK-YOU to [ profile] twist204 and my friend Donya for Beta-ing this. You guys are rockstars!

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Title: Shaky Knees
Author: [personal profile] lilcrickee
Fandom: X-Factor 2010
Characters/Pairings: Liam/Louis. Appearances from the rest of 1D and Cher.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,200
Warnings: None
Author's Note: So this was the fic I wrote for the 1D Fic Exchange. Yeah, I still haven't posted it.
Summary: Liam thinks that somewhere between their tenth and eleventh run down the mountain he decides that he never wants to go back to England because everything he’s ever wanted is right here on the ski hill with him. Well, everything if Louis felt the same way.

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Title: Called Out in the Dark
Author: [personal profile] lilcrickee
Fandom: X-Factor 2010/Percy Jackson and the Olympians crossover
Characters/Pairings: Liam/Louis, implied Percy/Annabeth, Harry/Niall if you squint. Appearances from Nicolo Festa and various campers.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 7,600
Warnings: Potential spoiler alerts for Rick Riordan's books The Last Olympian and The Demigod Files. It is recommended that you are familiar with the series.
Author's Note: This was originally going to be my Secret Santa fic for [ profile] sophi3g but then I found out that she wasn't familiar with the series and, well, I wrote an AU about snowboarding instead. Title is taken from Snow Patrol's song of the same title.
Summary: Liam wants to make Louis promise him, promise that they'll all come back and they won't have any battle scars, but he doesn't think he'll be able to handle it when Louis tells him he can't make promises he won't be able to keep.

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Sharing Lessons by [ profile] caddyeverafter7
The Mortal Instruments | Gen | G | ~502

Maryse Lightwood's Shadowhunting troupe learns how to share a chocolate bar.

A/N: This is what I wrote for [ profile] aimmyarrowshigh 's Halloween-Prompt-o-Rama Thing.  I used the chocolate bar prompt and mixed it with daemons from the His Dark Material trilogy and a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She also made a lovely graphic for me which can be viewed here.

"You can't obviously expect me to share this with all of you ..." )

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the line by [ profile] caddyeverafter 
Beyblade | Max/Mariam | PG-13 | ~2,477

There is a line between them that is thin, but unmistakably there. It keeps Max in line and Mariam on edge, but mostly it keeps them from being something they’re not.

A/N: This is the Beyblade fic that I sort of promised [ profile] redwheeler I'd write.

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 Title: this time around
Author: [ profile] caddyeverafter7 
Rating: PG15
Verse: Game AU
Characters: Green+Leaf+Red, mentions of other characters
Summary: Every time Green is sent to another life he never finds what he's looking for.
Notes: Warning for drugs and alcohol use.  This is pretty much a college AU of everyone but focuses on the Kanto trio.  There's no one from Gen V though because I'm not familiar with that region.

"do I know you ... from another life?" )
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 I finished my response for the [ profile] pokeprompts and now that I kind of look at it, I realize it's a little off track.  But it still fits so I figured that I might as well submit and see what kind of reviews I get back for it (speaking of which, I need to get reading!).  Anyway, enough of my rantings.

Title: If the Skin Fits
Author: [ profile] caddyeverafter7 
Rating: G
Verse: Game, Gen IV
Characters: Barry x Dawn
Summary:  There used to be a small park on the outskirts of Jubilife.

or what once was the outskirts )
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 So I decided to get my butt in gear and do the [ profile] pokeprompts challenge.  

Title: Freedom Sends Things Out of Sight
Author: [ profile] caddyeverafter7 
Rating: T - pg15
Verse: Games, Gen III
Characters: Leaf, Green (Falkner's mentioned once)
Summary: Leaf and Green's rough and tumble adventures together.  Warning:  implied, suggestive, locking just in case, mild cussing.  Yeah.  This is about as extreme as it gets for me.

She's his air, his gravity, his everything... )
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 So, I am officially changing something off my list of things to do. Instead of it being a chaptered fic for Maximum Ride, I'm just making it a story... meaning I just completed something off my list! Hooray! So here it is, a new story:

Title: Float Like a Cadillac
Author: caddyeverafter7 (Me)
Fandom/Pairing: Maximum Ride/ None
Word Count: 773
Notes: Un-betaed, but I did proof-read
Summary: The Flock has nothing to hide... or do they? Their personalities told through cars. No Pairings.


...Sting Like a Beemer )


Fic ^^

Aug. 15th, 2009 04:37 pm
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 So as I said, I'd try and get my Harry Potter story up and running.

While I'm here, I might as well mention that I'm going to have to find a few more... original icons :P Yeah, I'm not doing too well so far on that department and I'm going for another name change that will hopefully be a bit more permanent. So enough of my blabering and on with the story.

Name: Amortentia
Author: caddyeverafter7 (Cadmium Kheri on
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairings: Mentions that may refer to Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione
Word Count: 925
Notes: Un-betaed and I can't even remember if I proof-read o_O
Summary: The world's strongest love potion smells differently to all those who catch a whiff of it. 


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