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I, uh, kind of ended up marathoning the rest of Arang & the Magistrate this weekend? Oops? cut for spoilers + length )

I actually finished this before Trick or Treat sign-ups ended, to my surprise. Now I have about 22 hours to decide whether I actually want to last-minute-add this fandom to my sign-up (meaning that I’d need to add another section to my letter), or if I’ll just wait until Yuletide. Decisions, decisions.
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► Before I get into all my lengthy rambling, have a link to a drawing of some pretty foxes I found on twitter. Foxes! ♥

► Gaming update: I beat Child of Light! I actually started this one two years ago, and then wandered off at some point during chapter… five, I think? Shortly after recruiting Norah, if I remember correctly. It’s very possible that that’s not right—I remembered pretty much nothing about this game when I started playing it again, and even now, most of the beginning of the game is just a large blank in my memory. cut for spoilers & length )

► I’ve also been watching Arang and the Magistrate. I actually started it about a month ago, but took a break after the fourth episode for no reason in particular, then started it up again earlier this week. Right now, I just finished episode seven, and I’m really enjoying it! The episodes are flying by, which is saying something, considering how long kdrama episodes always are.

cut for spoilers + length )

I might actually request this one for Yuletide, though of course that depends on where the series goes from here. I threw in the noms just in case (and am crossing my fingers that I don’t fall desperately in love with another character in the next 13 episodes). This does mean that I’ll need to pick up the pace with my watching, but that shouldn’t be a problem—I’m pretty hooked.

► Finally, some exciting news: apparently, the publisher of Stardew Valley is now working on a magic school RPG! Yesssss. This looks 100% like my sort of thing.

(A bit more information here.)

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