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Total Fics Posted: 6 and a chapter.

Total Words Posted: 42,931

Total Words (of Anything Excluding Blogs) Written: This is not including school assignments and what nnot because I'm far too lazy to dig out all of those on my computer, but all my fic stuff comes to a total of 50,503.

My favourite story this year: Probably Percy Jackson, The Olympian or Ho Hey. I'm really pleased with the characterizations I had going for PJO and just the flow and the style made me really pleased. And I like the verse that I wrote Ho Hey in. That was fun.

My best story this year: I'm going to go with Percy Jackson, The Olympian again. Everything about that fic just felt really good and I got some nice, positive feedback on it which made me feel pretty happy with it.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: I feel like nothing was underappreciated, per say. If there aren't a lot of comments or what not, there's a reason. Maybe my Big Bang, When The Best part of Me Was Always You? I mean, it has a lot of kudos or whatever but it didn't get a ton of comments. But none of my stuff ever does, really.

Sexiest Story: Probably my Big Bang again. I mean, there isn't any sex in it, but it was still a lot more mature than I'm used to writing, I think.

Most fun story: Can I use a WIP? I'm co-writing a Liam/Harry roadtrip fic that's currently on hold. Anyway, I'm writing it with [ profile] thirteen_inches and the time we spent on it in the summer was super fun. Out of published stories, I guess Percy Jackson, The Olympian because I wrote that at like, four in the morning.

"Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story: I think maybe the stuff in When The Best Part of Me Was Always You. I cut some stuff from it that I didn't feel comfortable with but just some of the mind meld scenes were weird, looking back on it. Or stuff from led by light of a star. That just got heavy and I don't even nknow what~

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Percy Jackson, The Olympian, When The Best Part of Me Was Always You, led by light of a star, and Ho Hey come to mind. I feel like my views on Nico changed a lot because of PJO; I used to not really like him as a character too much but now I'm excited to write more Percy/Nico stuff. And Ho Hey led me to the character Pollux, whom I've never really looked at before.

Hardest Story to Write: When The Best Part of Me Was Always You for the length of it and led by light of a star because it was really angsty and difficult? Even Percy Jackson, The Olympian was hard because I had to do a lot of research on diving and whatnot and I just wanted to have that fic done.

Biggest Surprise: Getting to work with Sonata, who is probably one of my favourite authors in any fandom. And becoming better friends with her. And getting such a good response on Percy Jackson, The Olympian from [ profile] finkpishnets , whom I also love and who the story was written for. That was surprising.

Resolutions for 2013: Do a better job on my Secret Santas, lol. And write more fics? Or more better quality ones? Or something. I don't know. Something like that, lol. 
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