Sep. 5th, 2012 09:33 pm
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 Hi :)

So I know a lot of you on LJ just call me caddyeverafter7. Like, legit. You guys don't even shorten it to Caddy. Don't know why, but you just don't.

But boy, do I ever have a solution to you!

For the longest time I've just been flitting around the Interwebz and using my first name with everything that I encounter. Well, no more! I mean, it might be difficult to erase that from the past ("The Internet is written in pen!" says every cyber-bullying speaker ever to have spoken to me about Internet safety.) but I figure it's time to set the stones for the future, or some weird shit like that.

So yeah. Call me CRICKET. (Not necessarily in all caps.)

This alias would make a lot more sense if you followed me on DW or on tumblr where both my usernames are lilcrickee. Unfortunately, unless someone wants to gift me a renaming token, my LJ username will remain as caddyeverafter7. 

So even though it's confusing, call me Cricket. Now repeat.






chirp chirp. chirp chirp.

Lol. Bad jokes. But really guys. Cricket.

Cheers. I promise to make actual posts or something soon. 
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