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 I apologize for this being late, but better late than never, right?

Scrapbook 2012 - May Edition
♥Book Recs

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan | The Kane Chronicles   →           
  • I'm a big fan of Rick Riordan's works, but I was a little skeptical about starting in on Egypy mythology, hence why I haven't read the series until now. But I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome this book was. I quite liked the story and it had a good amount of suspense and action and all the things that keep readers anxiously waiting for sequels and such. In fact, I think the third installment just came out, so I better finish the series quick!

♥Movie Recs

Ratatouille  →            
  • This is probably one of my all time favourite movies. It's Pixar and Disney, which should be enough justification. Seriously though, I love the story line and the graphics and the music. Ugh. The music will definitely be in the next edition because I'm sure I'll be listening to it all month long. You just can't help but love Remi, the main character, and Linguini is so endearing and tries so hard. If you haven't seen this movie yet, watch it. Legit. You won't regret it.

♥TV Recs

Game of Thrones
  • My friend and I started watching this a couple weeks ago because we were tired of having our Tumblr dashes blown up with GoT stuff for the past year or whatever. So we sat down with the first season and managed to get through the first three episodes before she had to go home and oh my gosh, it's so addicting. I haven't had time to make it to episode five yet (life got in the way) but ugh, it's so addicting. I haven't read the books yet, but it might be a good idea as some of the events in the show are a little confusing and it's hard to keep all the characters and their intentions separate. But basically, Jon Snow is my favourite and I love Arya Stark and Kit Harington can just be mine forever. Basically, if you want to talk Game of Thrones to me, do it!

♥Music Recs

Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
  • Am I going to get judged for putting this in here? Basically, I think the lyrics are pretty crappy but the melodies are catchy and I do quite enjoy JBiebs' falsetto.
  • I think I was a little late getting into this song, but it's quite good. I quite like the vocal work in the chorus and I adore the lyrics.
The A Team - Ed Sheeran
  • Another song that I was a little late getting into but oh my gosh, it's sooooo good (actually, I'm listening to it as I type this. Go shuffle!). The lyrics are deep and I love the simplicity of the background music and limited background vocals. Ugh. Ed Sheeran, let me love you forever.
A Year Without Rain - Selena Gomez
  • Very late getting to this song, but I wanted a new Selena song so I just went back through her albums and picked this song (and it was on the radio one day). It's kind of cute, and I don't really have much to contribute to it other than that, but yeah. Worth a listen, I'd say.
Clair de Lune - Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra
  • This is a classic, and there are several versions of this song, but I really love this version that they used in the movie Ocean's Eleven. I love the full body sound of the orchestra and the strings. It's delightful. Definitely an all time favourite.

♥Fic Recs

Enough to Crush Your Veins by [ profile] doctor_denmark 
AO3 | Hockey RPF | NC-17 | ~69,000 words
| Pair: Eric Staal/Jeff Skinner | 
When Canadian figure skater Jeff Skinner wrecked his knee, he never could have imagined that he'd end up helping pay his way through college as a live-in babysitter for Eric Staal's three-year-old son, Joey.
  • Ugh, cue the cuteness. This story was so endearing and I loved how the relationship was built super slowly throughout the story. I also loved the OCs. Seriously, I never love OCs the way I love the ones in Eric/Jeff stories. There's just something about them. Definitely worth a read as it's one of my all time favourite fics.

among the canyons and the stars by [ profile] misprinting 
LJ | X Factor 2010 RPF | PG-13 | ~13,500 words
| Pair: Niall/Zayn, Harry/Louis/OFC |
Rentboy!Au. Zayn holds his fag between his lips and sets his bottle on the ground carefully, swinging towards Niall to take the coat. "Nah," he says, and doesn't bother finishing the thought, the you look out for me, because Niall's rolling his eyes and laughing a little like he knows anyway.
  • I think I was ready to cry like, three times throughout this story. It's a little heart-wrenching, but there is a happy ending, if you don't mind me saying. I don't find too many stories from Zayn's POV but I really enjoyed this story. I also don't read too many Zayn/Niall fics, let alone rec them, so just know that this story is superb.

my mouth is full of stars by [ profile] honey_wheeler 
AO3 | Game of Thrones | NC-17 | ~19,000 words
| Pair: Robb Stark/Jon Snow | 
Jon's always belonged to Robb, in any way Robb would have him, since they were barely more than babes and he was called Robb's Shadow more than he was called his own name. He's been Robb's and Robb has almost been his and that's just the way things have always been.
  • I firmly believe that Jon is just not a Stark. I just can't. Him and Robb are too beautiful together to be siblings, and besides, there are definitely weirder canon relationships in this series than Robb and Jon. Anyway, lots of smut, but there's also a story line there too, which is like, a bonus. Right? Who ever gets loads of smut and a plot? 

Surface by [ profile] grim_lupine 
AO3 | Hockey RPF | NC-17 | ~2400 words 
| Pair: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane |
Johnny knows what Patrick used to do when he felt like this, before they got together: he'd find a bar, drink until the too-sharp edge under his skin sanded away; take a girl home, come back the next morning looking a little better but still unsatisfied, because he isn't looking to be calmed. He's looking to be caught.
  • I love stories like this. It's one of my kinks, I think. Anyway, it's mostly just smut but I think it's definitely something you should read if you're into possession and whatnot.

♥Product Recs

Ice Cream Sandwich update for Android phones
  • When my version of ICS is not giving me grief, I really enjoy the update. There are a lot of awesome things that came to Android users with this update including an updated looking interface, a panorama camera, and the fact that you can now open the task bar from the lock screen. If you have the opportunity, definitely update your phones, Android users! It's a huge step up from whatever version you're using now (Gingerbread, Honeycomb, whatever).
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